1. Single License

Use our Stock Art for:

Advertising, marketing, promotional graphics, brand and marketing videos, banners, promotional posters, brochures, and catalogs – digital ONLY.

Unlimited printed impressions/editorials in magazines and newspapers with credit caption to [email protected]

Examples of Permitted Uses:

Website Design (for your own websites).

Promotional materials (for your own products, websites, social media accounts, and promotions) – social media content, website content, landing pages, sales letters, pop-ups design, digital 3D covers, 3D mockups, banner ad designs, newsletter and email campaigns, media advertising, etc…

Graphic Design (for your own materials mentioned above).

Blog posts, website articles, and social media posts (owned by you).

Promotional postcards, greeting cards, and calendars (digital only).

Digital Ad Design (FB ads, Instagram, Banner Ads, etc…)

Ebooks, Kindle ebooks, and ebook covers (for your own ebooks – NOT for Client Work).

Presentation Slides.

Any online digital publication owned by you.

1.1. Client Work:

If you use our Stock Art in a project for a Client, you must purchase separate Single Licenses for each Client Project, and for each Product used (vector or stock photography).

You can NOT include more than 5 of our Stock Art products in the same Client Project.

For example: if you create a Brand Video for a Client, you can include a maximum of 5 (five) Retro.Camp Stock Art products (vectors or stock photography) in that video. And you have to purchase (on behalf of your client) a separate Single License for each one of those 5 (five) Retro.Camp Stock Art products.

Note: For licensing information regarding any usage not specified in the Agreement, contact us at [email protected]

1.2. Client Unlimited License:

This License will allow you to use your purchased Products (that come bundled with this Special License) to use those Products with unlimited Clients, without the need to purchase an additional Single License for each new Client.

This Client Unlimited License usually comes as an addon with special Deal Bundles that we offer from time to time, and it is legally binding for use ONLY with the Products purchased with that specific Bundle.

If you want information about our special Deal Bundles, signup for updates at our Free Products page, or check our Current Deal page.

2. Extended License


If you want to create a Digital Product for Resale = a product that uses or contains our Stock Art, you must purchase an Extended License – for example:

Web Templates for Resale.
WordPress Themes for Resale.
Ebooks Covers (including Ebook Cover Templates) For Resale.
Phone Apps.
Software, gaming, and computer GUI design.


  • – You can NOT resale, sublicense, share or otherwise distribute any of our Stock Art.
  • – You are the sole owner of the license to use our Stock Art. If you are working for a client, you will need to purchase separate licenses for each of your client ́s projects.
  • – POD Products = Print On Demand products for Resale is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

You can NOT use our stock art (vector art and stock images) to create designs for POD Products For Resale, on websites, or in any other medium designed to induce or involve the sale, license, other distribution of “on-demand” products, including (but not limited to):

T-shirts, mugs, canvas, posters, wall art, clothing, stickers, messenger stickers, phone covers, etc…

In short: you can NOT use our Stock Art and Images in Physical Products (contact us for an Exclusive License if you need our Stock Art for physical products, business lettering, or business logo at: [email protected]).

NOTE: This license does not allow a person to buy our Stock Art image and sell prints or reproductions (Print On Demand products). This is a violation of our Copyright and illegal. Violators will be prosecuted.

Examples of PROHIBITED Uses:

  • Retro.Camp Images and Stock Art are prohibited for use in physical products and packaging.
  • Retro.Camp Images and Stock Art are prohibited for use on billboards, point-of-sale displays, signs, transit boards, and trade show displays.
  • Retro.Camp Images and Stock Art are prohibited for use in print-on-demand products.
  • Retro.Camp Images and Stock Art are prohibited from use in any logo or trademark.
  • Retro.Camp Images and Stock Art may not be transmitted through any form of re-distribution or sublicense, including to sell, lend, assign, give away, share, gift, post, or otherwise transfer stand-alone images/files or the rights granted.
  • Retro.Camp Images and Stock Art are prohibited for used in software with embedded images.
  • Retro.Camp Images and Stock Art are prohibited for use as a reference to create new illustrations.
  • Retro.Camp Images and Stock Art may not be used to promote a business that sells or licenses images, or otherwise competes with Retro.Camp in any way.
  • Retro.Camp Images and Stock Art are prohibited from use in a way that depicts personal endorsement.
  • Retro.Camp Images and Stock Art are prohibited for use in products intended to allow the re-distribution or re-use of our Stock Art and images.


For all other uses – including Exclusive Licenses, buy-outs, and an exception of the prohibited uses shown above – contact us for Extended or Exclusive License pricing – to our Email or using our Contact page.

  • Email: licensing@retrocamp


Retro.Camp FREE LICENSE (License for FREE Products):

You CAN:

– Use for Personal projects.

– Use for digital marketing of your own products and services.


– Use for Client work (you need a paid license for client work).

– Use for physical products (or Print On Demand products).

– Use as a Brand Image or Logo.

REFUNDS: as these are digital files, there will be NO refunds. All Sales are Final. In the case of damaged or corrupted files, we will proceed to send you the fixed files.

“If you think GOOD DESIGN is expensive, you should look at the cost of BAD DESIGN”
-Ralf Speth